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What is the ticket transfer option and how do I use it?


  1. Log into your account and select the blue DETAILS button by the order that you wish to transfer to another person. If you don't know how to login, click here.


  2. On the right side, underneath your Order Number click the Ticket Transfer link. *Only tickets that are available for Will Call or Print@Home delivery can be transferred. If you'd like to transfer your tickets but they are scheduled to be shipped to you, you'll have to contact See Tickets US in order to have us reissue them to Will Call.

  3. Enter the email address to which you wish to transfer the ticket.

    You may transfer each ticket to a different email if you wish!

  4. Then click the TRANSFER TICKETS button.

  5. The person receiving the transfer will receive an email from See Tickets with a prompt asking the transferee to ACCEPT TICKET TRANSFER.

    **Our email may end up in spam, promotions, news, or social folder/tab.**

  6. After selecting the ACCEPT TICKET TRANSFER button, the transferee will see the ticket in their own See Tickets account!

  7. Then, the transferee will be asked to enter in their credit card info.

    **This is to "associate" the order for pick up at will call with this new credit card, and will NOT charge their card.

  8. Click ACCEPT TICKET TRANSFER to complete the transfer.

    IMPORTANT: Our ticket transfer function is only intended for transferring a ticket between a family member or friend's See Tickets account. This is because the transfer can be canceled by the original ticket owner, even after the transfer has been completed. We do not moderate the transfer process, so if you choose to transfer your tickets or give someone money to have a ticket transferred and they don't, See Tickets will not be able to intervene. We advise that you are cautious when using the ticket transfer option with anyone you don't know or trust.

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