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Can I purchase festival tickets to be shipped if I do not live in the US?

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Wanting to purchase tickets to one of our festivals in the United States but you do not live there to have your wristband order shipped to you? No worries!

Most of our festivals that use RFID wristbands as entry tickets and ship them directly to customers prior to the event also offer an "International" delivery method.

This "International" option allows non-US customers to place an order without the shipping requirement and have their order available at the Will Call booth onsite at the festival for pickup. 

To do this, you must select the delivery method "International Order” or "International Will Call" in the "Shipping" section of the ticket selection page BEFORE clicking the "Checkout" button. When you get to the Summary of Charges page, you still must enter a valid non-US billing address in order to successfully process your order. See Tickets US customer support agents cannot bypass this address section if your address entry is not accepted by the validation program.

Some of our festivals offer a Canadian shipping option.

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