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Can I re-sell my ticket(s) on the See Tickets US site?

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We do not support any ticket re-sale on our platform. 

If you can no longer attend the event, the delivery method of your ticket(s) may determine how you can easily transfer your ticket to someone else:

  • Shipped hard-copy ticket, Mag card, RFID wristband, Print@Home/Mobile or SMS: Anyone can use these types of tickets for entry, even if the name on the ticket is different than their own and/or the original purchaser is not present. However, these tickets cannot be replaced by anyone other than the original purchaser.
  • Will Call: Check out our Ticket Transfer article. Once you have logged in to your account and located your order, you’ll be able to see if the order is eligible for a Ticket Transfer.

Also, be sure to check out your event organizer's main website to see if they are utilizing an official second-party re-sale platform like Lyte.

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