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My order shows as "pending" in my bank account, but I don't see it in my See Tickets account.

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What you're experiencing is a pending authorization or hold. Every time a customer attempts to process a payment on any site online, the merchant must first authorize the funds to be sure the customer has them in their account. Then, it approves or declines the transaction based on other factors.

Regardless of whether the transaction goes through or not, you will always see a pending authorization on your account. If the transaction fails, like in your case, you may see one (or multiple) authorizations pending in your account. Funds were not deducted from your account, they were simply held for a short period, and then will drop off your statement. These pending authorizations should drop off within a few business days, but that timing is dependent on your financial institution.

We cannot refund the failed transaction, as we did not receive any money to refund.

If you have any further questions or concerns about these pending transactions, please contact your financial institution.

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