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I am having difficulty making a purchase, help!

There are a couple of reasons why you may experience difficulty ordering tickets:

    You may using an internet browser that is not updated. Please ensure your web browser is up to date.

    As you use your internet browser daily to surf the web, many sites force tracking cookies onto your browser to better cater ads to your interests (Facebook, Amazon, etc.). Over time these harmless bits of data can pile up in your browser's cache. Each browser has the ability to delete these cookies permanently, so please check your settings preferences and clear your cache/cookies.

    Here are instructions for clearing the cache on major browsers:


    Navigate to History > Show Full History in your Chrome menu bar.

    Hit the Clear Browsing Data button located at the top of the screen.

    Select how far back you want to clear this data. For this case, it is best to select "the beginning of time'.

    To only clear cached items, make sure only the "Cached images and files" checkbox is selected.

    Hit Clear Browsing Data.


    In Safari, navigate to the Safari Menu > Preferences.

    Under the Privacy tab, hit Remove All Website Data…

    Hit Remove Now to confirm this action.


    Navigate to History > Clear Recent History in your Firefox menu bar.

    Set the time range to clear. For this case, it is best to select "Everything".

    Leave only the "Cache" checkbox checked.

    Hit Clear Now.

    Internet Explorer:

    Navigate to Delete Browsing History.

    Uncheck "Cookies and website data" and "History", make sure "Temporary Internet files and website files" and "Preserve Favorites website data" are checked, and hit Delete.

    Be sure to check your bank account and give us a ring if you think you may have already made a purchase. Because all sales are final, we don't want you placing extra orders unknowingly.
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