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How do I access and use my Mobile Wallet tickets?

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Your event may be utilizing contactless ticketing technology that securely stores your ticket(s) in the digital wallet built into your mobile device (iPhone or Android). Your ticket(s) will be scanned from your phone upon entry.

Mobile Wallet Ticket Instructions

  1. Tap on the Add to Mobile Wallet button for each ticket and follow the instructions to register.

  2. Add your pass to your digital wallet.

  3. At the event entrance, open your Mobile Wallet ticket and wave your device over the entry portal. Then, you’re in!

This mobile ticketing technology does not utilize barcodes or QR codes, but instead uses encrypted contactless NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology. This encryption is locked into your phone, and unlike a barcode, cannot be duplicated, making your ticket completely secure.

Below are guided screenshots to assist with retrieving and locating your Mobile Wallet tickets:



Important Notes

  • On Samsung devices you MUST use Google Wallet (GPay), NOT Samsung Wallet. 
  • If you need to move your tickets to a new device or accidentally installed them on the wrong device, open the pass link on the new device and click "Install". The pass in the old device will be deactivated/voided immediately. 
  • If you would like to transfer a pass to someone else, you must do so BEFORE registering the ticket to yourself.
    • Click "Transfer Pass" button under the "Add to Wallet" button on the Registration page. Then, you can fill out the recipient's information. 

Transfer1.png      Transfer2.png

  • If you would like to transfer a pass to someone else, but your tickets are already registered and installed, you will still have the opportunity to edit your registration and/or transfer your pass afterwards.


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