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Having trouble completing my order with a Canadian shipping address

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If you want to have your order shipped to you in Canada, be sure you've selected the Canadian shipping method on the ticket selection page prior to clicking the CHECKOUT button.

Our site uses Canada Post to verify Canadian addresses. If the submitted address is not formatted exactly the same way as they have in their system, the order will not go through and we cannot force it through.

CLICK HERE to use Canada Post's Postal Code lookup to find the correct format.

Tips for addressing parcels mailed within/to Canada (LINK)

  • Write in uppercase letters (also known as block letters- EX: FIRST NAME LAST NAME).
  • Put information such as title or floor ABOVE the street address.
  • Put a hyphen between the unit/suite/apartment number and the street number. Don’t use the # symbol.
  • Abbreviate the street type- EX: “AVE” for “Avenue.”  
  • Abbreviate the street direction- EX: “SE” for “Southeast.”  
  • Put the city, province and postal code on the same line.
  • Abbreviate the province- EX: “ON” for “Ontario.”
  • Separate the first and last 3 elements of the postal code with a space- NO hyphens.
  • Put 1 space between the city and province.
  • Put 2 spaces between the province and the postal code

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