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    • LOCATION: 1508 Gallatin Pike, Madison TN 37115
    • CONTACT LINK/EMAIL/PHONE: // (424) 888-7445
    • COVID-19 POLICY: We have all made significant behavioral changes since March of 2020. Eastside Bowl will follow the guidance from the CDC with the health of our staff and guests in mind. When visiting Eastside Bowl’s lanes, lounge, and diner, here are our expectations at this time:
        • Eastside Bowl’s staff is fully vaccinated
        • Masks and face coverings are strongly encouraged for those who are not vaccinated.
        • We will do our best to adequately space out guests throughout the building – on the lanes and in the lounge and diner.
        • Cleaning high touch surfaces and shared objects regularly.
      • Safety protocols may vary based on individual artist request. Updates are being made frequently and may change at any time. This information will be communicated to ticket holders as needed.
    • Will refund requests be approved?
      • No, all sales are final
    • Are exchanges/upgrades approved?
      • Yes, if the new order is of equal or greater value than the original

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