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What is Ticket Protection and how does it work?

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What is Ticket Protection?

  • See Tickets US ticket buyers are offered the option to purchase Ticket Protection when making a ticket purchase. If Ticket Protection is purchased, you can apply for a refund on tickets for reasons specified by our provider.  

How does it work?

  • Events which offer Ticket Protection will display this option during the checkout process. This option gives you a route to a refund in the event of certain circumstances that prevent you from attending the show.
  • Currently, Ticket Protection is not available for events in the states of Hawaii and New York. 
    If you enter a billing zip code in NY or HI, Ticket Protection will become unavailable to you. If you decide to change the billing zip code to something outside of NY or HI, you will need to select Ticket Protection again to purchase coverage.

What types of things are covered?

How are inquiries managed?

  • Any claims or questions about Go Ready by TicketPlan policies are handled by Aegis directly. Claims will be answered in 5-7 business days by the provider. More info here: See Tickets | Aegis General Insurance

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